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Baked Honey Pears (Vegetarian, Sweet) Photo available - Baked Honey Pears
Bircher Muesli (Vegetarian)
Christmas Pears (Sweet) Photo available - Christmas Pears
Crunchy Witlof and Hazelnut Salad with Apple and Goats Cheese (Salad) Video available - Crunchy Witlof and Hazelnut Salad with Apple and Goats Cheese
Energy Booster (Vegetarian) Photo available - Energy Booster
Fennel and Pear Salad (Vegetarian, Vegan, Savoury, Salad)
Gluten Free Muesli (untoasted) (Vegetarian, Sweet) Photo available - Gluten Free Muesli (untoasted)
Goji Bars (Vegetarian, Vegan, Sweet) Photo available - Goji Bars
Lemon Marinated Turkey Tenderloins with Fennel and Parmesan (Poultry, Savoury)
Pear and Berry Frappe (Vegetarian, Vegan, Sweet)
Pear and Raisin Glaze Pie (Vegetarian, Vegan, Sweet)
Pear and Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Vegetarian, Savoury)
Pear and Tahini Muffins (Vegetarian, Sweet) Photo available - Pear and Tahini Muffins
Pear, Almond and Ricotta Flan (Vegetarian, Sweet) Photo available - Pear, Almond and Ricotta Flan
Pear, Fennel and Smoked Trout Salad (Seafood, Savoury, Salad) Photo available - Pear, Fennel and Smoked Trout Salad
Poached Pear and Coconut () Photo available - Poached Pear and Coconut
Poached Pears in a Lemon Cinnamon Syrup (Vegetarian, Vegan, Sweet)
Toddlers Pear Gingerbread (Vegetarian, Sweet, Kid Friendly) Photo available - Toddlers Pear Gingerbread

Open Chicken Sandwiches
Open Chicken Sandwiches


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