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Fresh food club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?


Creamy Queensland bananas are an energy-boosting fruit that is a healthy choice for the whole family. They are perfect for snacks or add sliced bananas to your morning porridge for a naturally sweet and creamy twist. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey for extra flavour


Harness the tangy juice of lemons to create luscious desserts, or blend their zest with crushed garlic, parsley, and olive oil for a flavourful gremolata, perfect for drizzling over soup, Ossobuco, or slow-roasted lamb shanks


Nutritious and naturally sweet pears are perfect for creating elegant desserts or enjoying poached pears for breakfast. Whether poached, roasted, baked, or stewed, pears are a great value.


Unzip juicy mandarins. They are easy to peel and make an ideal snack. There are four varieties to choose from: Afourer, Imperial, Hickson, Daisy, and Honey Murcott. Alternatively, enjoy a juicy tangelo

Why not try...

Blood oranges

Who else loves juicy, vibrant, ruby-fleshed blood oranges? These smallish, delightful oranges are worth a squeeze. Put the squeeze on a kilo or two this week.


At this time of year, strawberries predominate in Queensland, but cooler weather in the growing area slows production. This week, we also saw supplies from Victora and Western Australia


Winter raspberries are grown in northern NSW and southern Queensland. While not at their peak season, the fruit is eating nicely, and raspberries are delicious, teamed with apples in winter puddings and muffins.


Chilly days call for bowls or mugs of soul-warming soups, rich in flavour and high in nutritional value. The delicate flavour of leeks is the key to many great-tasting soups. When caramelised, leeks add a delightful sweetness and depth of flavour, pairing superbly with cauliflower, celeriac, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, and tomato. Leeks are a popular winter choice

Brussels Sprouts

Nutritious Brussels sprouts are full of goodness and currently of superb quality this week.


Field gown red and green capsicums from Queensland are more reasonably priced this week


Don't underestimate the humble mushroomóbeneath its creamy white dome lies a powerhouse of natural flavour and nutrients, including vitamin D, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Grab a paper bag and fill it with mushrooms to create a delicious mushroom, leek & parmesan risotto


Winter is the ideal time to savour the subtle sweet-onion flavour of flavoursome leeks. Use leeks as the flavour base for a tasty home-made vegetable soup such as leek and cauliflower, pumpkin, leek & cannellini bean soup or leek and celeriac.

Brussels sprouts

Select small, even-sized, compact Brussels sprouts. Cut in half, quarters, or slices. Cook quickly and never overcook.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a choice buy this week. Roast chopped orange sweet potato (kumara) with red onion wedges in olive oil flavoured with cumin and coriander for 30 minutes or until tender. Serve with lamb or beef.


Slice fennel and add it to rich meat or chicken casseroles, pan-fry it with fish, or thinly slice and toss it into a salad with parmesan. Use the feathery leaves as a substitute for dill in recipes. Fennel is best stored in a plastic bag in the crisper section of the fridge and used within five days.


Mighty mushrooms shine as a super healthy and savvy buy for buttons, cups, or flats. A single serving of mushrooms can provide 20-100 percent of an adult's daily dose of Vitamin D. Add mushrooms to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner; they are versatile and tasty.


Compact snow-white cauliflowers are perfect for a bowl of cauliflower rice or scrumptious roasted or air-fried.


Mashed, boiled, baked, roasted or fried, you can't beat fresh Australian-grown potatoes for versatility and value. Teamed with fresh herbs and potatoes, elevate your mash with black olives and feta cheese. Your local greengrocer will have 2-kilo and 5-kilo bags of versatile brushed potatoes at a great price.


Celery is essential for winter vegetable soups, hearty casseroles, and appetising soups like our creamy celery and blue cheese soup. The best way to keep celery is to remove the bulb and leaves and store the unwashed stems in an airtight plastic container in the refrigerator. Wash just before using.

Asian Greens

With their crisp texture, bright green leaves and stems, and excellent nutritional value, it's no surprise that Asian leafy green vegetables are so popular. To make your next stir-fry more authentic and delicious, toss in a bunch of chopped gai lum, pak choy, bok choy, or choy sum.


Did you know you can freeze chestnuts? As the season draws to a close, it's the perfect time to stock up and freeze a supply. This ensures you have chestnuts to enjoy with your Christmas roast turkey or create healthy dips and desserts.

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