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The Food Guru is a comprehensive database that contains a wealth of information about hundreds of food types. It's all here, including tips for selecting and storing your ingredients for best results. The best part of the Food Guru is that you can search in many different ways depending on your motivation.

From Agave Syrup to Zucchini, this is your A-Z one stop food information source.

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Featured Video - Nectarines

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A brief introduction

The nectarine is a sweet and juicy stone fruit very similar to the peach. Unlike the peach, nectarine skin is smooth and shiny. There are two different varieties of nectarines in cultivation - white nectarines, which have a red skin and a white interior, and golden nectarines, with yellowish flesh.
Nectarines are very soft and easily damaged, and they have a very short shelf-life. Ripe nectarines are fragrant and give slightly when gently squeezed. Avoid those that are wrinkled or bruised.
Ripe nectarines will keep in plastic bags in the crisper section of the fridge for about 5 days. Unripe will ripen at room temperature over a few days.
for the most flavousome tasting fruit always eat them at room temperature. ...

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